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Airport travel is frequently exhausting. Flights are cramped and uncomfortable. Parking, TSA screenings, delays – rarely is any part of airport travel fun. Yet airport travel is only part of your journey. You still need to worry about transportation to and from Orlando Airport (MCO).

It may be time to consider an airport limo service from Sigma Limo. Sigma Limo provides a personalized car service and luxury travel. Arrive at your destination in style with plenty of room for people and luggage. It’s great for groups and romantic getaways. There is also no wait time. You get picked up and dropped off on time and on schedule.

Make Orlando Airport transportation something to look forward to. Contact Sigma Limo at +1 (407) 604-7979 to schedule your MCO car service, today.

Airport Limo Transportation Services

MCO Limo ServicesSigma Limo has a fleet of luxury vehicles to match your transportation needs. We have small romantic vehicles and large luxury buses and vans. Our role is to make sure that your size and comfort needs are met. Some of the vehicles we have available include:

  • Cadillac XTS
  • GMC Yukon
  • Lincoln MKT Stretch
  • Black Hummer Limo
  • Mercedes Sprinter Limo, and more

We also have professional drivers that can navigate Orlando comfortably. In addition to our MCO airport transportation, we are also available for many other services:

Sigma Limo can provide you with transportation anywhere you want to go. All of our rides are customizable in our luxury fleet of vehicles.

Challenges with Transportation to/from MCO Airport

Airport transportation is often a struggle. The transportation options are rarely equipped for comfort and care. Limos represent an upgrade over other transportation options, including:

  • Car Rentals – Car rentals in Orlando can be expensive. They also require multiple shuttles and a long wait time. Depending on your hotel, you will also have to pay for parking. They are not priced well for large groups. You may also rarely find yourself using the car.
  • Taxis and Uber – Both taxis and uber are cramped and unreliable. They rarely have room for luggage. They are not meant for large groups and the wait times can be substantial. During peak hours, the costs may also be surprisingly steep for ride sharing transport.
  • Public Transportation – There are some public transportation options at MCO. Some hotels also have shuttle buses. There is also the Lynx bus that comes every half hour (but fills quickly). It is difficult to travel on them with luggage and large groups.
  • Personal Car – Orlando residents often find themselves in a rush to get to the airport. Long term parking costs $17 a day and adds up fast. It can also take a while to find parking and to walk to your flight. Leaving your car for multiple nights also increases the risk of break-ins.

Limos represent a solution to all of these issues. They are not just a luxury service. At Sigma Limo, we have a large fleet of vehicles to match the goals of your party. Our vehicles represent a sizeable upgrade from the alternative airport transportation options.

Our Orlando MCO Airport Limo Service

Limos are not just a form of high class transportation. They represent a solution to many common transportation challenges. That’s why those that travel in a limo once find that it becomes their frequent choice. Some advantages of limos for MCO – Orlando Airport transportation include:

  • Space – Traveling with a big group? Have a lot of luggage? Just want some space for yourself before/after a cramped flight? Limos provide plenty of space for any people, belongings, or just yourself. They give you what few other forms of transportation can provide.
  • Comfort – Limos are luxury. They have soft, comfortable seats. They have crisp and clean interiors. They provide you with privacy and space to relax. They are quiet. There is a reason they are the most popular transportation choice of the wealthy. Limos provide a comfortable transportation experience little else can match.
  • Reliability – Limos are there for you. We come to pick you up from any location. We plan for the fastest routes. We make sure that you’re on time to your destination. You don’t have to wait in long lines or stress about late arrivals. We have accountability to you.
  • Customizable – Limos are also customizable. We take you wherever you want to go. You can decide you want to get food on the way and we wait for you. We can take you to see sights. We can make sure there are items for you in the car. Whatever you need, we are your personal driver for the entire journey.

Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest in the country. It handles millions of passengers a year. Flights in and out of MCO can be stressful. Limos make the entire process better.

Time to Travel to Popular Orlando Hotels

Another reason limos are enjoyable is because transportation can take a while. The airport is 16 miles from Universal Orlando. It is 20 miles from Disney World. It is 13 miles from downtown. In heavy traffic, this may mean 30 minutes to an hour of travel time. Traveling from MCO, you can expect the following drive times at minimum after leaving the airport:

  • MCO to Hilton Orlando – 15 Minutes
  • MCO to Grand Bohemian Hotel – 18 Minutes
  • MCO to Hilton SeaWorld – 19 Minutes
  • MCO to Loew’s Sapphire Falls Orlando – 22 Minutes
  • MCO to Disney Caribbean Beach Resort – 27 Minutes

Public transportation would be even slower. In traffic, shuttles and buses can take as long as an hour or more. That does not include wait time. Renting a car means navigating Orlando drivers after a long flight. But with a limo, time stuck in a car is still enjoyable time.

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