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Whether it is your first or 100th time to Disney, make it as magical as possible with a limo ride!

Rent a Limo for Your Magical Disney Experience

There is something special about Disney World. It is not like other theme parks. It is an experience that creates long lasting, irreplaceable memories. Every moment in Disney World is one where you're transported into a happier world.

Let the magic start before you've even stepped foot in Disney World. Sigma Limo is able to offer luxury limo services perfect for starting your Disney World experience. No matter how many people you are traveling with, let Sigma Limo get you to Disney World in style. Contact us today at +1 (407) 604-7979 or get a free quote online.

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A Limo Ride to Disney makes it even more magical.
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Walt Disney World Limo from Sigma Limo

Limos are not just about luxury. Limos solve many transportation challenges. It's not hard to find Disney World transportation. What is hard to find is transportation that is enjoyable. For many, Disney World is once (or twice) in a lifetime. It's supposed to be something you remember forever.

With a limo, you have plenty of room for groups of any size. You have an immediate luxury vehicle available when you need it. You have a comfortable way to travel from any location. You also have a trip that can be customized to match the experience. When you choose a limo, you are enjoying:

All of this is available for a surprisingly low cost. You also receive transportation that is ready when you need us. Limos are more timely than shuttles. They're more comfortable than taxis. They're more cost efficient than rental cars. They're more private than buses. Limos represent the best option for Disney World transportation.

Disney World to/from MCO Airport Services

Start your Disney World experience with airport limo transportation. Airports, especially in Orlando, tend to be cramped and busy. Transportation from the airport is no better. There are wait times, small vehicles, and more.

Limos make it possible to travel with your entire group. There is no need for separate cars. Airport limos to Disney World also start your journey in comfort and luxury. The experience of being in a limo is "magical" just like Disney World. That makes it great for families, friends, and more.

Because our journey is customizable, you can also go anywhere you please. You can go directly to Disney World while your luggage waits in the car for you. You can head to a restaurant or coffee shop. You can tour the city before going to your hotel. Or you can head straight to the hotel in style and luxury.

Your limo is your personal Disney World airport service. We go where you want us to.

Disney World Theme Parks Transportation Services

Disney World is not one park. It is 4 theme parks with an additional 2 water parks. There is also "Downtown Disney" for dining and shopping. Many people buy park hopper passes that allow people to travel between parks. That makes transportation between Disney parks even more important.

It is difficult to travel to and between Disney parks. There are limited shuttles. There is a long wait time for taxis. Parking is often far from your destinations. Limos will be there exactly when you need us. We can take you to any park, and wait for you as needed.

Disney Parks also each have their own personalities. For example:

The two water parks are also enjoyable during the hot Florida days. They include:

Our Disney World limo services make it easy to see it all. Go to a theme park in the morning. Cool off at a water park. Go back to a theme park at night. You can also jump between all of your favorite rides. Or you can take a trip elsewhere to get food, drinks, or go back to the hotel. Transportation between Disney Parks is simple and convenient.

Transportation from Disney World to Other Locations

There is much to see throughout Orlando. There are even other theme parks. It may be best to consider a limo to get you there. Disney World is not centrally located. That means that it can take time to get to other venues.

Transportation from Universal to Disney is hard to find. It's also a slow ride that can catch you in traffic. Wherever you're headed, it is better to have a driver. Sigma Limo provides the driving for you.

Your Personal Designated Driver

Sigma Limo can also act as your personal designated driver. There are many places to drink and spend time with friends/family. You may spend all day at Disney World. But you may not plan to spend all night. This is especially true for Disney trips that include:

There are places to go for late night shipping, beverages, and food. But rather than drive at night, you'd benefit from a personal driver. You get the black car service that can drive for you. It's safe, fast, and convenient. It also keeps your entire group together. No need for multiple taxis or uber.

Custom Trips for Your Disney World Experience

Your limo is your personal customizable driver. We keep your entire group traveling together to any location. We can make sure there are items on hand for your needs. Our belief is that you deserve the VIP experience. Limos make it possible to provide customized trips that match your vacation goals.

Schedule Your Personal Disney World Limo Service with Sigma Limo

Limos solve problems. They are known as a form of luxury transportation. They are most commonly associated with the wealthy. It's true that limos are a high class form of transportation. You have a chauffeured car in Orlando to take you anywhere you want to go.

But limos are also problem solvers. They make it easier to travel with any size group. They take the stress out of transportation. They are convenient and customizable. And they turn a typically stressful part of your visit into a magical one.

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Let's Make your Disney Experience Even More Magical