Funeral Transportation Service in Orlando, FL

Funerals are somber occasions. No one wants to worry about transportation. Those that are suffering from loss deserve to be cared for. At Sigma Limo, we supply funeral car services to help you travel comfortably to and from the funeral. Our respectful drivers are available for any special requests. We’ll also give you the privacy … Read more

City Limo Tours in Orlando, FL with Sigma Limo

There is a lot to see and do in Orlando, FL. The city has long been one of the most popular in the US for tourists. Its amusement parks are some of the best in the world. Yet it’s the city itself as a whole that often is the best draw. There are plenty of … Read more

Get Ready for A Luxury Ride to Bars In Orlando

Orlando is a great place for a night out. There are many different bars, clubs, and lounges in the city. Like many big cities, the vibe ranges from relaxed to exciting. There are everything from hidden speakeasies to well known dive bars. The question is only what you and your group prefer the most. At … Read more